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Introducing technology to maximise energy efficiency. A revolution within power infrastructure. And with a significant impact reducing climate change.

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We are surrounded by transformers and cables. It connects us and is everywhere. Still the electrical infrastructure today is based on old technology, not designed to handle life in our modern world.

Ezone Energy provides a new power management system – herein a new isolation transformer and power cable – that significantly increases the usable electricity in selected markets. We accelerate the transition to greener energy solutions.

Verified and patented by some of the world´s leading technology companies and bodies.

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Ezone Energy has acquired and further developed technology that can significantly improve energy efficiency through the application of fundamentally new theoretical principles. With the potential to shape all major uses of electricity.

Prototypes demonstrate a unique ability to control the root cause for power quality anomalies, with test results showing efficiency gains significantly above that of conventional technology. The concept is developed to be highly complementary to existing electrical infrastructure, allowing efficient industrialization and commercialization.

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